Today I wanted to talk about a subject that a lot of people (especially girls) deal with: binge eating. Sometimes that evolves into an eating disorder and sometimes it doesn’t. I got rit of my binge eating 3,5 years ago because I made ONE decision. That decision is something I would want everyone to know that is struggling with binge eating for too long. I am explaining it the best way I can in the video but if you have any further questions on it, please let me know in the comments and I will either respond or make a new video on it.

    This is such an important thing to talk about and not feel alone in. There are so many people going trough this so you don’t have to feel like you are the only ‘crazy’ person in the world with this problem. I know from my own experience that it can control your whole life – so much that you are not even thinking about other beautiful and meaningful things in life – like spending quality time with the people you love or pursuing your passion(s).

    Life is short. Please realize that and take steps with courage to get into a healthy relationship with yourself – with your mind – and eventually also with food, that will follow naturally when you work on a healthy relationship with yourself.

    I talked about the YouTube channel of Rebecca Leung, you can find it here. A little sidenote on that; I am not sure if she struggled with binge eating, but she did have anorexia and talks about how she is taking control of her thoughts. I feel like that can also apply to people who do not have anorexia but are struggling with binge eating.

    I hop this video will help some of you, let me know if you want more of these kinds of videos!

    I love you guys (and girls haha)! <3  Continue reading THIS ONE THING WILL GET RID OF BINGE EATING