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    Oh how much you appreciate your health when you recover from a cold. It is just a nasty thing – sniffing your nose, sneezing every 5 seconds, having teary eyes, a running nose and not being able to smell and taste things as much. That’s a lot we take for granted when we are healthy right?

    When I got back from a beautiful holiday in Spain I started getting the first symptoms of a cold and I couldn’t beat it, too bad. I did do some things differently to get myself better as quickly as possible and I do feel like it helped! So maybe you can get some tips out of this video as well. And if not, I hope you enjoy the shopping part, haha. I went to TK Maxx btw!

    The video that I was talking about in the vlog “I tried Celery juice for 7 days, this is what happend | Honest review


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    It’s that time again – time to eat and show you everything that I eat!
    It might sound weird that I am happy that I didn’t eat that healthy on this day because I really want you to see all the ‘not so perfect’ days as well.

    I’ve been on this journey to lose weight, get healthier, get abs, etc. etc. And I’ve evolved to eating food for my body and health because that was something I didn’t know how to do for a long time. I’ve been focusing on the superficial things instead of the important layers underneath the appearance.

    Now that I feel very happy and stable with my relationship towards food I am trying to make some smart choices to lose some weight again. There has been a lot of opinions about this decision of mine, and that is fine.

    As long as I know my intention – and I do. I feel very confident about this part of my life and myself.

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    I’ve done some “What I Eat In A Day” videos on my Dutch YouTube channel and of course this segment needs to continue on my English channel. This was a day where healthy eating came naturally and felt so good, it is not always this way and that is totally OK!

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    So today’s video is to take you along in a random day – waking up at 5:00, eating breakfast, working, going on my morning walk and so on. I share the podcasts that I listen to as well as the food I eat.

    I hope you like the peak in my life. Of course this is NOT what every day looks like, it is just a random and calm day. Let me know what you think!

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    Today I wanted to talk about a subject that a lot of people (especially girls) deal with: binge eating. Sometimes that evolves into an eating disorder and sometimes it doesn’t. I got rit of my binge eating 3,5 years ago because I made ONE decision. That decision is something I would want everyone to know that is struggling with binge eating for too long. I am explaining it the best way I can in the video but if you have any further questions on it, please let me know in the comments and I will either respond or make a new video on it.

    This is such an important thing to talk about and not feel alone in. There are so many people going trough this so you don’t have to feel like you are the only ‘crazy’ person in the world with this problem. I know from my own experience that it can control your whole life – so much that you are not even thinking about other beautiful and meaningful things in life – like spending quality time with the people you love or pursuing your passion(s).

    Life is short. Please realize that and take steps with courage to get into a healthy relationship with yourself – with your mind – and eventually also with food, that will follow naturally when you work on a healthy relationship with yourself.

    I talked about the YouTube channel of Rebecca Leung, you can find it here. A little sidenote on that; I am not sure if she struggled with binge eating, but she did have anorexia and talks about how she is taking control of her thoughts. I feel like that can also apply to people who do not have anorexia but are struggling with binge eating.

    I hop this video will help some of you, let me know if you want more of these kinds of videos!

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    This was a challenge, I’ve got to say. The challenge was first to get over the thought that I had to control everything about my food. We postponed this video a couple of weeks until it was the right time.

    There is no right time, nor was it the right time right now. But we did it anyway and that is what it’s about. 

    As the title said, I ate the same as my boyfriend for 24 hours. I honestly thought that the challenge would be in the part of calorie-counting (which I don’t do anymore), too many calories and LOVING the food so much that I would not know how to start eating healthy again.

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