• I am open to change

    Here is something I’ve never shared before – I am actually dreaming of a new place, a new home and a new environment. Not all at once, but for some reason I feel open to change and I am welcoming it in if it wants to appear in my life.

    For so long I’ve been holding on to the life I had created because it took me a lot of work and effort – to be an fulltime content creator and to live in my favorite city in a beautiful home – but in the last months so many things happend that made me look at my life the way I was living it and asking myself it it was fulfilling me. For example: I was buying so much stuff every week. Stuff that I did not need. I was stuck in wanting to change some things but ended up not doing anything about it. I really examined the daily habits and realized that it is OK if things don’t go according to plan and that it is OK to let go – because maybe something better awaits for you but you will never find that out if you don’t let go first.

    It is a very scary thing to say out loud – that I am letting go of all the material things in my life such as my beautiful house and so many beautiful clothes and shoes and so on. But I know deep down that without all those things, I will still be me and I will be fine. I will be happy.

    That knowing is not something I’ve always felt, it is a recent feeling and its so hopeful. So I’ve made a little collage of pictures of new things that make my heart happy. Who knows what awaits for me and whatever happens – I will be more than OK.

  • Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, joyful and wealthy new year!

    Happy new year everyone! You might have seen it in the title of the post, YES – I am wishing you also a wealthy new year! I feel like we need to be able to talk more openly about money. There are so many taboos around it and that is unnecessary. We al can have great purposes with more money than just buying things we don’t need. There is more to money than that so let’s all wish each other a more wealthy new year.

    I believe there is enough for everybody <3