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Bring your pictures to life. If you want to create a beautiful Instagram feed with the same color palette or if you want to bring your holiday pictures to life. Without having to adjust every little thing yourself you can use one of these 13 presets (filters) to give your picture exactly the colors you want. For a turquoise sea and a tanned skin, or a light matte look or a mysterious feel; with just one click you create the look and feel that fits your picture(s).

Go to “Before & After” to see how you can give every picture a completely different vibe!


Boy & Teni

Teni creates online content and Boy works in the photography business that makes him have an eye for detail when it comes to colors and a ‘feeling’ in pictures. In Teni’s long search for the perfect “Instagram filter”, where she didn’t find anything she wanted, she asked Boy if he could help her with this.

Together they created the first preset called: “Bliss”. From that moment on, Teni only used this preset for a lot of her pictures on Instagram, Instastory and her blog. After being asked multiple times from readers how she edited her pictures (where she honestly admitted that she didn’t do the work, but Boy was the brain behind the ‘filter’), Boy and Teni decided to create a preset bundle for everyone that wants to take their picture game to the next level.

They took all the feedback from readers and created 13 presets. With pride you can now also enjoy these presets by ordering them in the shop. While making the presets, they kept lots of scenario’s and photo’s in mind so that the use of the presets would be versatile: from beach photo’s to nature photo’s, from outfit photo’s to sunset, with this preset bundle you are set for anything!

Required: Adobe Lightroom


Lightroom Desktop Version