My favorite Tumblr pages right now

I scroll trough Tumblr every morning and I would like to share my favorite ones right now that give me HUGE inspiration for the life I want to build for myself. I save the pictures that I love on a separate folder on my laptop and transfer it to my iPhone where I scroll trough it from time to time, to remind me what I’m working towards and to make me feel good.

From home to food to outfits and everything in between.

It is my favorite way to instantly feel inspired, motivated and good about life. It might not be for everyone and I understand that but if you are interested, these are some of my favorite ones right now.

Oh and before I forget; I usually like to look at tumblr pages on the /archive page, because everything is lined up the same way instead of going trough a theme that is just difficult to get trough. (this is my favorite for a long time now!)

 (this one for in the fall and winter!)



Hope you enjoyed this post! <3

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