30 Day Glow Up Habit Tracker

15 pages to inspire you to start a 30 day Glow Up by using a Habit Tracker.

  • Inspiring chapters to get you in your FEELS
  • Guiding you in 3 parts for a complete Glow Up
  • Giving you ideas & inspiration to take for your own glow up
  • Habit Tracker with example habits
  • Clean Habit Tracker for your next 30 (or 31) days

Basically *just a habit tracker* but with a little more SASS


  • 4 minute visualization meditation (3:52 min) ! 
    • Helping you get deeper into your Glow Up!

I always feel very connected to music, it has to be the right song or vibe for the right moment. If you have every done any other meditations of mine, you know how selective and sometimes weird the song is. But it always has a purpose, a purpose connected to the intention of the program. So this one is no different, I have listened to more than a 100 songs to be moved by one particular one that was perfect for this glow up habit tracker that needed a meditation to go along with it. And yes, I cried the first time I heard it.