• Getting rid of a cold but.. Also going shopping!? | VLOG | Teni Stepanosian



    Oh how much you appreciate your health when you recover from a cold. It is just a nasty thing – sniffing your nose, sneezing every 5 seconds, having teary eyes, a running nose and not being able to smell and taste things as much. That’s a lot we take for granted when we are healthy right?

    When I got back from a beautiful holiday in Spain I started getting the first symptoms of a cold and I couldn’t beat it, too bad. I did do some things differently to get myself better as quickly as possible and I do feel like it helped! So maybe you can get some tips out of this video as well. And if not, I hope you enjoy the shopping part, haha. I went to TK Maxx btw!

    The video that I was talking about in the vlog “I tried Celery juice for 7 days, this is what happend | Honest review


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    It’s that time again – time to eat and show you everything that I eat!
    It might sound weird that I am happy that I didn’t eat that healthy on this day because I really want you to see all the ‘not so perfect’ days as well.

    I’ve been on this journey to lose weight, get healthier, get abs, etc. etc. And I’ve evolved to eating food for my body and health because that was something I didn’t know how to do for a long time. I’ve been focusing on the superficial things instead of the important layers underneath the appearance.

    Now that I feel very happy and stable with my relationship towards food I am trying to make some smart choices to lose some weight again. There has been a lot of opinions about this decision of mine, and that is fine.

    As long as I know my intention – and I do. I feel very confident about this part of my life and myself.

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  • The ugly truth about self love



    I wanted this video to represent something that a lot of us girls (and boys) can feel from time to time. That taking care of yourself, emotionally and physically, is something that needs to happen on a consistent basis because we can get caught up by so many beautiful and ‘perfect’ pictures that it can evolve from being inspiring at first to being something that makes us feel bad about our own life and own selves.

    That is why I wanted this video to start the way it did – just to make it clear that something so small like grabbing your phone in the morning and scrolling trough some pictures can make you feel like your life is not enough.

    And that – in the name of selflove – eating cake or going shopping or taking a bath after trying to find how you can love yourself is not always the way to start loving yourself. Especially when there is deeper work to do.

    Hopefully this video gave you a little perspective on that.

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  • Why I started an English YouTube Channel after 6 years in Dutch



    Hi Everyone! This might be a little awkward still but this is my first video on my English channel and I am super excited to get things goin in English!
    I feel extremely inspired and thankful for all the Dutch people who have been rooting for me when I announced on my Dutch channel that I wanted to start in English. I feel very grateful!

    So lets start everything of with a little introduction, just in case you have no idea what I do and what you can expect of these videos.

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    Every morning right after I wake up, I grab my own ‘coffee to go cup’, pour it with fresh coffee (make it first, lol) and leave the house for a wonderful morning walk. My Boyfriend lives in Amsterdam and I live in The Hague. I make sure that whenever I am in Amsterdam, I walk trough my favorite neighborhood which is “Amsterdam Zuid”. It has the most beautiful and iconic buildings and is basically one of the few places in Amsterdam where you actually live in the city but can have a huge house with a garden and everything.

    But you guessed it, its hella expensive. I still love to walk around and look at the houses while I’m fantasizing that one day, I will live in one of those houses with Boy (Boyfriend). It seems like an absolute dream.

    And even though today was a gloomy day, I had to take a picture of one of the buildings – this is not the most beautiful one, but it sure is amazing!

    Look what a difference the preset made in this picture! It litterlay went from winter to spring! I used the preset “City Chique” from the “Bliss Bundle” with some extra brightening.

    I am wishing you all a wonderful day! X Teni


    Morning Yoga : Tone It Up Studio App (MorningMantra) / Mug : RAE DUNN / Scented Candle: Sydney Candle Co.

    Allemaal maken we hectische tijden mee, het maakt niet uit wat voor baan, gezinssituatie of leven je hebt. De één ervaart het misschien vaker dan de ander door bepaalde omstandigheden of door zijn/haar karakter. Maar feit is dat we het allemaal ervaren. Om niet in een burn out terecht te komen zijn de kleine momenten in de dag voor mij belangrijk om te besteden aan het herstellen van mijn innerlijke rust. Deze was de afgelopen week erg uit balans.

    Een fijne geurkaars, goede koffie, ochtend yoga routine en wat meditatie zijn een aantal dingen die mij naar het hier en nu brengen en uit mijn hoofd halen. En hoe cute is de mok! Ik word daar oprecht gelukkig van, haha.

    We all go trough rough times, it doesn’t matter what kind of job, home situation or life you have. One person might experience it more often than the other because of certain circumstances or because of their character. Fact is, we all do experience it from time to time. To not get burned out, it is important for me to create small moments trough-out the day the to get some inner peace. Last week I was way off balance. 

    A nice scented candle, good coffee, morning yoga and some meditation are some of the things that help me get my thoughts away from my head and in the ‘here and now’. And how cute is this mug! I legitimately feel happy by it, haha.