The ugly truth about self love



I wanted this video to represent something that a lot of us girls (and boys) can feel from time to time. That taking care of yourself, emotionally and physically, is something that needs to happen on a consistent basis because we can get caught up by so many beautiful and ‘perfect’ pictures that it can evolve from being inspiring at first to being something that makes us feel bad about our own life and own selves.

That is why I wanted this video to start the way it did – just to make it clear that something so small like grabbing your phone in the morning and scrolling trough some pictures can make you feel like your life is not enough.

And that – in the name of selflove – eating cake or going shopping or taking a bath after trying to find how you can love yourself is not always the way to start loving yourself. Especially when there is deeper work to do.

Hopefully this video gave you a little perspective on that.

Have a wonderful day everyone! <3 

Music: The One Who Saves Me – Loving Caliber


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