So as I explain in the video I was amazed by all the comments on Medical Medium’s YouTube video and Instagram account about the celery juice ‘thing’. I have my Bachelors in Food&Dietetics so I knew that a whole food can always have some beneficial effects on your health but this just sounded too good to be true.

So I decided to try it as well. I had a juicer, I had celery – so let’s give it a try! This is what happend when I tried drinking celery juice every morning for 7 days straight.

At the end something went a little wrong, but I hope you can forgive me for that! Hope you like today’s video!

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by TeniStepanosian


It’s that time again – time to eat and show you everything that I eat!
It might sound weird that I am happy that I didn’t eat that healthy on this day because I really want you to see all the ‘not so perfect’ days as well.

I’ve been on this journey to lose weight, get healthier, get abs, etc. etc. And I’ve evolved to eating food for my body and health because that was something I didn’t know how to do for a long time. I’ve been focusing on the superficial things instead of the important layers underneath the appearance.

Now that I feel very happy and stable with my relationship towards food I am trying to make some smart choices to lose some weight again. There has been a lot of opinions about this decision of mine, and that is fine.

As long as I know my intention – and I do. I feel very confident about this part of my life and myself.

Hope you liked this video and don’t forget to enter the giveaway here: @tenistepanosian

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Here is something I’ve never shared before – I am actually dreaming of a new place, a new home and a new environment. Not all at once, but for some reason I feel open to change and I am welcoming it in if it wants to appear in my life.

For so long I’ve been holding on to the life I had created because it took me a lot of work and effort – to be an fulltime content creator and to live in my favorite city in a beautiful home – but in the last months so many things happend that made me look at my life the way I was living it and asking myself it it was fulfilling me. For example: I was buying so much stuff every week. Stuff that I did not need. I was stuck in wanting to change some things but ended up not doing anything about it. I really examined the daily habits and realized that it is OK if things don’t go according to plan and that it is OK to let go – because maybe something better awaits for you but you will never find that out if you don’t let go first.

It is a very scary thing to say out loud – that I am letting go of all the material things in my life such as my beautiful house and so many beautiful clothes and shoes and so on. But I know deep down that without all those things, I will still be me and I will be fine. I will be happy.

That knowing is not something I’ve always felt, it is a recent feeling and its so hopeful. So I’ve made a little collage of pictures of new things that make my heart happy. Who knows what awaits for me and whatever happens – I will be more than OK.

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The ugly truth about self love

by TeniStepanosian


I wanted this video to represent something that a lot of us girls (and boys) can feel from time to time. That taking care of yourself, emotionally and physically, is something that needs to happen on a consistent basis because we can get caught up by so many beautiful and ‘perfect’ pictures that it can evolve from being inspiring at first to being something that makes us feel bad about our own life and own selves.

That is why I wanted this video to start the way it did – just to make it clear that something so small like grabbing your phone in the morning and scrolling trough some pictures can make you feel like your life is not enough.

And that – in the name of selflove – eating cake or going shopping or taking a bath after trying to find how you can love yourself is not always the way to start loving yourself. Especially when there is deeper work to do.

Hopefully this video gave you a little perspective on that.

Have a wonderful day everyone! <3 

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by TeniStepanosian


So today’s video is to take you along in a random day – waking up at 5:00, eating breakfast, working, going on my morning walk and so on. I share the podcasts that I listen to as well as the food I eat.

I hope you like the peak in my life. Of course this is NOT what every day looks like, it is just a random and calm day. Let me know what you think!

This is the podcast that I was talking about in the video: Steven Pressfield: Unlock Your Creative Genius

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Today I wanted to talk about a subject that a lot of people (especially girls) deal with: binge eating. Sometimes that evolves into an eating disorder and sometimes it doesn’t. I got rit of my binge eating 3,5 years ago because I made ONE decision. That decision is something I would want everyone to know that is struggling with binge eating for too long. I am explaining it the best way I can in the video but if you have any further questions on it, please let me know in the comments and I will either respond or make a new video on it.

This is such an important thing to talk about and not feel alone in. There are so many people going trough this so you don’t have to feel like you are the only ‘crazy’ person in the world with this problem. I know from my own experience that it can control your whole life – so much that you are not even thinking about other beautiful and meaningful things in life – like spending quality time with the people you love or pursuing your passion(s).

Life is short. Please realize that and take steps with courage to get into a healthy relationship with yourself – with your mind – and eventually also with food, that will follow naturally when you work on a healthy relationship with yourself.

I talked about the YouTube channel of Rebecca Leung, you can find it here. A little sidenote on that; I am not sure if she struggled with binge eating, but she did have anorexia and talks about how she is taking control of her thoughts. I feel like that can also apply to people who do not have anorexia but are struggling with binge eating.

I hop this video will help some of you, let me know if you want more of these kinds of videos!

I love you guys (and girls haha)! <3 

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This was a challenge, I’ve got to say. The challenge was first to get over the thought that I had to control everything about my food. We postponed this video a couple of weeks until it was the right time.

There is no right time, nor was it the right time right now. But we did it anyway and that is what it’s about. 

As the title said, I ate the same as my boyfriend for 24 hours. I honestly thought that the challenge would be in the part of calorie-counting (which I don’t do anymore), too many calories and LOVING the food so much that I would not know how to start eating healthy again.

Boy was I wrong. Very wrong. What actually happend was way more intense and.. If I’m honest way more interesting! 

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Happy new year everyone! You might have seen it in the title of the post, YES – I am wishing you also a wealthy new year! I feel like we need to be able to talk more openly about money. There are so many taboos around it and that is unnecessary. We al can have great purposes with more money than just buying things we don’t need. There is more to money than that so let’s all wish each other a more wealthy new year.

I believe there is enough for everybody <3

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Hi Everyone! This might be a little awkward still but this is my first video on my English channel and I am super excited to get things goin in English!
I feel extremely inspired and thankful for all the Dutch people who have been rooting for me when I announced on my Dutch channel that I wanted to start in English. I feel very grateful!

So lets start everything of with a little introduction, just in case you have no idea what I do and what you can expect of these videos.

Thank you so much for watching! If you like what you see, you can subscribe here: Teni Stepanosian ENGLISH CHANNEL.

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